Friday, October 24, 2014
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Seed potatoes are here!

Thursday 17th JanuaryOur first delivery of seed potatoes has arrived, and despite the media hype about increasing prices of potatoes, we have managed to keep our prices the same…….again!! This year most varieties also have a blight resistance rating for both leaves and tubers to help you to choose one that will be successful for  [ Read More ]

Garden progress

Well, what a wet Monday it’s been. Today we had to fix the roof of the cafe storage shed as the felt had got badly damaged during the stormy weather last week. The rain came on heavily however and prevented us progressing with the garden developments we have planned. Now rescheduled for later in the  [ Read More ]


Welcome to the brand new Woodside Blog. I have to confess I really don’t know what I’m doing here, so just be patient and I’ll try my best!Today at Woodside we enjoyed the winter sunshine, with temperatures in double figures, and set to doing some pruning. Some of the older fruit trees on the walls  [ Read More ]